Live/Wire Opera Company presents the US Premiere of Zak Settel's electroacoustic opera Pacamambo. A young girl named Julie is found three weeks after going missing. A psychologist speaks with her to find out why she hid with her dog in her grandmother’s basement, at the foot of her grandmother’s corpse. Why won’t she talk? Because that was the night her grandmother gave her the dream of Pacamambo.

Pacamambo l’opéra (2002) is a new opera by Chants Libres, The Lyric
Creation Company; Artistic Director, Pauline Vaillancourt; co-produced
with the Les coups de théâtre and the Musée d’art contemporain de
Montréal; (Montreal/Toronto/Utreck).


Radiance depicts moments in scripture in which God’s presence is made manifest.  As His spirit came over the deep (Genesis 1:2); in the story of Elijah as he waits by the brook (1 Kings 17); Christ praying on the mountain (Luke 9:28-36); the appearance of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:19); and in His Glory (Exodus 34:35).


Carlos Johns-Davila

Follow the Moon back in time to the Inti Raymi sunrise festival held in Cusco, Perú. Venerating the Incan sun deity, Inti, The Sun Gate celebrates the dawn of creative technology and its upcoming advancements.

From the Artist:

The question of authenticity and reality surfaced as I looked into the sunrise festival held every year on the Summer Solstice in Cusco, Perú. The Inti Raymi, is a ritual dating back to the Inca in 1412 but the original practice has been lost after the Spanish inquisition. Since 1944 the sunrise festival has been a theatrical performance based off of the chronicles by Garcilaso de la Vega.
The Sun Gate venerates the dawn of creative technology. It uses a method of storytelling through shapes that make up the Chakana, the Inca Cross.

The dancers who reflect the sun and moon are stewards of love for the Lenape territory they are able to perform on. They move in response to the electro-acoustic environment rooted by the Andean flute, the Quenacho.

Our illusion of reality may seem so vivid until you see the room extend beyond its walls.

Carlos Johns-Davila - Artistic Director/Composer/Quenacho
Vishaal Ravikumar - Lighting/Projections Designer
Sarah Celona - Set Designer
Morgaine A. De Leonardis & Elisa Hernandez - Choreographers/Dancer

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