The Sun Gate


Carlos Johns-Davila - Artist/Composer/Quenacho

Carlos Johns-Dávila (b.1995) is a Peruvian-American composer, Temple University graduate and is currently attending The New School for his Masters in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. His heritage has influenced his works to grow apart from traditional practices and use the values taught by indigenous people and the Quechua language to shape his musical voice with the use of electronics and acoustic instruments. Recently, he has been interested in capturing dance and theater in 360 video and hopes to promote other artists in their works through this medium. Access more of his works here:

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Vishaal Bio Pic.jpg

Vishaal Ravikumar - Lighting/Projections dEsigner

Vishaal Ravikumar grew up in India - a place known for their sensory overload of colors, sounds and tastes. Beneath the surface of its beautiful havoc, Vishaal also sees order in its lines, shapes and patterns: he sees geometry in action in my everyday life. 
Intrigued, he studied and to explore it further. 
He now brings this practice to life through projections, lighting and game design. 
Using lights and projections he breaks the boundaries of existing dimensions, and manipulate spaces to create new worlds.
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Elisa Hernandez - Choreographer/Dancer

Elisa Hernandez is from Brooklyn, NY and has a BFA in Dance Performance & Choreography as well as a minor in geography/urban studies from Temple University.  At Temple, she has performed in works by MFA students Tatiana Haissan, Christina Eltvedt, and Long Cheng as well as creating three works of her own. She most recently attended Impulstanz Festival in Vienna, Austria, where she took various workshops in movement and boxing practices. Upon graduating, she has choreographed a music video for the band, Ava Luna, and performed with Carlos Johns-Dávila, a composer attending The New School. She wishes to continue pursuing her passion in dance, making multi-media works, improvisation, and combining movement research with her interest in public policy and geography.

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Morgaine De Leonardis - Choreographer/Dancer

Morgaine De Leonardis, of Jersey City, New Jersey is a movement based Artist and Administrator with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Temple University. There she performed in multiple MFA Thesis concerts, developed improvisational methods of choreography, and became immersed in the HipHop community of Philadelphia. Morgaine is blissfully excited to be co-choreographing

with Elisa Hernandez, and performing in the multimedia collaborative show, The Sun Gate. She also co-produced the Raritan Valley Community College Dance Alumni Concert this past March, is currently dancing with GiBa Moves, studying with Molly Shanahan in Chicago yearly, and is featured in Ava Luna’s music video Childish premiering this August. Morgaine is currently the Performance and Residency Program's Assistant at Gibney, working on multiple projects, practicing movement research daily, and is highly interested in creating a platform for fellow emerging artists as well as facilitating collaborative environments.

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Sarah Celona - Set Designer

Sarah studies fine art and no longer does meth so when you see her give her a high five.

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